Policy Advocacy

Policy Advocacy

Kigyo Mécénat Kyogikai (KMK: Association for Corporate Support of the Arts) make policy proposals in regards to promotion of the arts, and cultural policies, utilizing resources and knowledge we have obtained. As an interim support organization, our proposals are placed neutral by reflecting opinions from corporations and non-for-profit organizations.

The Latest Proposal

April 30th, 2014

Succession and Development of “New Compact” Cultural Creation of a Society ~ Approaches to the Year of 2020

The new proposal which brings Tokyo Olympic and Paralymic 2-2 into view was introduced at the press meeting with new chairman and president held on April 10th 2014. It states the two key issues; revitalization of regional economy and community, and establishment of international networks, emphasizing that those have to be achieved by the encouragement of mécénat conducted in each part of Japan.

In the proposal, the establishment of a new fund “2021 Arts Fund” is introduced. The 2021 Arts Fund focuses on building an infrastructure of culture and society creation which should continue for more than twenty years. Furthermore, the numerical goal is announced to make the total amount of mécénat fee spend by corporations and corporate foundations, from 81.1 billion yen in 2013 to one hundred billion yen in 2016.