About KMK

About KMK

Association for Corporate Support of the Arts : Kigyo Mecenat Kyogikai [KMK ] is a Public Interest Incorporated Association supported by corporations, arts and culture organizations and others. They endorse us with our intent of assisting an effective environment and infrastructure development for promoting the arts and culture. We aim to address a creative and vibrant society where people respect diversity in it.

What is ‘Mecenat’?

Mécénat is a concept of promoting creation of a society through support of the arts and culture.
Mécénat is one of the social contribution activities, and corporations that are actively supporting the arts are growing in number. The arts and culture mirror the age and embrace values of “innovation” and “creativity” for the betterment of society. For any corporation, to promote local culture for community revitalization or support the arts that engender new values is a social investment for future society. Such activities also promise a sustainable development for the corporation. Corporations are demanded of their total brand image. It is all the more important for a corporation to tie connections with the arts for purposes of business innovation, because arts are always innovative, flexible and rich with ideas and sensibility.

Statutory Information

Date of Establishment February 14, 1990
Chairman / President Mr.Tatsuyoshi Takashima (Adviser of Dentsu Inc.)

Mr.Motoki Ozaki (Adviser of the Board of Kao Corporation)

Chartering Agency The Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
Full Members Private corporations
Associate Members Arts and cultural organizations, foundations, governmental institutions and universities, etc.
Mission The mission of our association is for corporations and organizations who are involved in arts and culture to participate and to corporate, and to create an environment and infrastructure for art and cultural promotion.
And it is to contribute to establish the society with full of creativity, vitality and respect towards diversity.


Culture Fund

Funds for purposes

Funds for various purposes can be coordinated to meet specific demands of donors.

GBFund―The Great East Japan Earthquake Restoration Fund

GBFund collects donation from many donors and supports artistic and cultural activities  by the victims of the disaster and  cultural resources in the disaster area.

Arts Project Assistance Approval Program

The program promotes private support in the arts and culture through tax deduction.

Certification & Commendation


It aims to visualize  mécénat activities  by certifying with a certification mark, releasing to the public, and archiving  on our website.

Japan Mécénat Award

It is to reward significant mécénat activities among certified activities for This is MECENAT.

Investigation and research

By carrying out investigation about actual conditions of mécénat by corporations and corporate foundations, we analyze and research in order to discover relations between mécénat, society and economy.

Information &Publicity

Great resources and information about mécénat
  • Information about mécénat, and the arts and culture can be accessed anytime from us.
  • We introduce mécénat  activities undertaken by our members.
  • Seminars and symposiums help to introduce various activities in different area.

Policy & Proposal

Utilizing our information and knowledge resources for creation of a society

By gathering issues corporations and cultural organizations face, we propose  suggestions related to cultural policies.


The activities and operations of Kigyo Mécénat Kyogikai are supported by the member corporations and organizations.

Join Us

Our members include business corporations, corporate foundations, arts organizations, government bodies and public service organizations, which are collectively involved in such activities.
Download the application form(PDF)

Membership Fees

  • Full Membership Annual Fee: 250,000 yen (one unit) minimum
  • Associate Member Annual Fee: 120,000 yen (one unit) minimum
  • Individual Associate Member Annual Fee: 10,000 yen (one unit) minimum


Kigyo Mécénat Kyogikai(Association for Corporate Support of the Arts)
Address:+SHIFT MITA Bldg. 8F, 5-3-2, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014 JAPAN
Business:hours Mon-Fri 9:30a.m. to 5:30p.m.