I would like to join KMK.
Associations for Corporate Support of the Arts, with the annual fee from our members, is engaged in a business for public interest purposes in order to establish the creative society through art and cultural promotion. We appreciate your support as our member.Membership
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Our members include business corporations, corporate foundations, arts organizations, government bodies and public service organizations, which are collectively involved in such activities.
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―Membership Fees
Full Membership Annual Fee: 250,000 yen (one unit) minimum
Associate Member Annual Fee: 120,000 yen (one unit) minimum
Individual Associate Member Annual Fee: 10,000 yen (one unit) minimum
I would like to donate.
Thank you very much for your support.There are two types of donations you can make.
Arts Fund for the Creation of Society (Arts Fund)
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The Great East Japan Earthquake Restoration Fund「GBFund」
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What is Japanese Mecenat?
Japanese companies and corporate foundations are actively promoting support for arts and culture across the country, together with citizens’ organizations, NPOs, and artists. There is variety of activities with diverse purposes and unique creativity; such as Local Promotion by Culture Nurturing of Next Generation Usage of Business Resources Cultural Facility Award & Contest International Relations Mecenat Activities>>