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"Dazzling Art Competition" for Children with Disabilities
The whole Japan

With intent to “nurture the potential of disabled children” Mitsubishi Estate started the art competition in 2002 with the assistance of Tokyo Colony, a social welfare organization. It is a painting competition for children less than 18 years of age. Submissions should be two-dimensional artworks of a theme freely chosen. Only the allowable size is predetermined.
The number of entries has increased year by year, and in 2012 the competition received 1764 submissions. 150 works are selected by four art- and other experts at the initial screening, which is followed by a screening by Mitsubishi Estate employees. Every year over 500 employees take the time to come and see the entries and participate in the vote. The final screening to select 50 excellent works and the award ceremony are held with the participation of the CEO of Mitsubishi Estate and the Director of Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum. At the ceremony held at the Marunouchi Building Hall, all the award-winning children receive a diploma and their smiling faces pervade the venue.
The exhibition of 50 excellent works, held at six locations including the Mitsubishi Estate’s buildings and commercial facilities, attracts over 2,000 visitors. The messages imparted by the visitors and passed on to the individual artists, enormously encourage them to continue with their creative endeavors.
The competition also contributes to helping people with disabilities to become self-reliant. 13 artists who are currently registered at the disabled artists library “Artbility” in fact took the competition as an opportunity to become independent. All the entries are archived and posted on the “Dazzling Art Competition” website, by means of which companies may choose some painting or other for their corporate brochure’s cover-page illustration or calendars, as in the case of the Mitsubishi Estate Group’s CSR Report.
The competition, which has made children feel motivated to draw pictures and helped them discover their possibilities and develop their talent, displays the liveliness through their works as well as creates a deep impression across the country.

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