Mecenat Activities


NTT's InterCommunication Center (ICC)

TT’s InterCommunication Center (ICC) located in Hatsudai, Tokyo was conceived on the 100-year anniversary of the telephone business in Japan, and inaugurated in 1997 following a number of events that began with the Invisible Museum inside the Telephone Network, an art program via telephone and fax machines in 1991. Since then it has deployed a wide variety of initiatives as a leading center for media art.
The Open Space, an exhibition series which is held for extended periods of time every year with a different theme, puts on display representative media art pieces and works of art that utilize virtual reality, interactive technology, and other technologies. It also features the Emergencies! corner that focuses on up-and-coming artists, and organizes special exhibitions around the themes of contemporary trends in media art and communication. During the summer the ICC Kids Program conveys how interesting media art can be to children. Its content has been favorably received for getting children to think for themselves, experience things hands-on, and expand their imaginations, due to which there are many repeat visitors.
In the wake of remarkable technological innovations new forms of expression are created which thus spread communication that surpasses conventional frameworks. The hope is that the ICC’s activities will continue to provide possibilities for opening up dialogue between science and art into the future.

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