Mecenat Activities

Rohm Music Foundation

Activities devoted to the Promotion of Music

The Rohm Music Foundation was established in 1991, on the initiative of the President of Rohm Co., Ltd., Mr. Kenichiro Sato, who had once dreamed of becoming a pianist in his youth. The foundation aims to: (1) encourage and support activities which enhance the diversity of musical concerts and programs, and expand their overall number; and (“) allocate education and training scholarships for promising musicians. Through consistent and focused use of this two-pronged approach, RMF hopes that the quality of Japanese musical activities, and thereby cultural activities as a whole, will live up to their s yet unrealized potential. In 1992 the foundation began to organize a “Summer Musical Seminar in Switzerland”, for the purpose of providing a wonderful natural backdrop for musical lessons. During the course of this 2 week-seminar internationally famous musicians give master-classes to promising young musicians.

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