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CAMP(Children's Art Museum & Park)
The whole Japan

To foster children’s “ability to create together” through workshops is the objective of CAMP (Children’s Art Museum & Park), which started in 2001 as one of the SCSK group’s social contribution programs. CAMP has worked with Japanese and overseas artists and researchers to develop a variety of workshops for children, which have been held across the country and become widely known.
46 different workshop programs have been developed so far: “Crickets Workshop” invites children to make toys which are controlled by a small dry-cell battery-powered computer, “Family Date Workshop” to make a book with the photos the family members took of each other, to name just a few. In the process of creation, namely “thinking,” “making,” “connecting,” “presenting” and “reflecting,” children find their personal channel of expression and at the same time learn how to collaborate with others, which as a result enhances their creativity and communication ability.
Also, the company offers workshops as a package “CAMPACO” to museums, children centers and schools across the country, providing not only necessary equipments and operation manuals but also a facilitator training program. Thanks to these efforts, students and the company’s volunteers in addition to museum curators and school teachers have taken an important part in the workshops.
For 12 years, nearly 900 workshops have been held in 26 different prefectures. Recently, the company has developed programs in collaboration with NPOs and universities in the areas afflicted by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in the Tohoku-region, and has just set up sustainable programs designated for long-term care institutions and classrooms attended by children with developmental disabilities. These programs are regarded as a long-term attempt to assist the coming generations. CAMP creates bright promising future together with children.

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