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Multi-faceted activities through music to educate future generations- TOA Meet! Music! Concept―

The project under which this and several other music and education programs operate is called “TOA Meet! Music! Concept”. This hybrid project combines four musical workshop programs catered to specific childhood developmental stages with awareness surveys conducted for parents. In the “TOA Music Workshop” for elementary school students, children experience the joy inherent in music as well as the fun of participating with their friends, while in the “Try-Yaru Week” series middle school students get a taste of the thrill of actually creating music. In the “Kobe Jazz” program middle and high school students collaborate with performers and staff to produce concerts. For students of vocational colleges and universities there is the “Takumi Workshop”, where participants learn professional skills and tips that will help them become the musicians of tomorrow.
Furthermore, the TOA Music & Education Awareness Survey is conducted for the parents’ generation to help raise awareness of the role of music in education. The results are published and used not only to communicate the necessity of educational activities targeting the next generation, but also to better tailor future plans and improve content.
Taking advantage of the hall owned by the company and the skills and expertise of the staff, TOA collaborates with NPOs and educational institutions to operate multifaceted programs so that more children are able to enhance their expressive and/or creative abilities. TOA has now become a crucial part of community-involved educational activities directed at future generations.

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