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2019-No.4 Emphasizing Social Impact in Contributing to Achievement of SDGs

Posted : 2019/03/26 Press release

The results have been compiled for the 2018 Survey of Mécénat Activities, conducted annually by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts (5-3-2 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Motoki Ozaki) of companies and corporate foundations nationwide.

For the 2018 survey, responses were received from 328 companies and 175 corporate foundations. Total costs for mécénat activities were ¥21,270,430,000 for companies (222 respondents, an average of ¥95.81 million per company) and ¥55,356,160,000 for foundations (166 respondents, an average of ¥333.47 million per foundation). The number of activities totaled 1,515 for companies, and 638 for foundations.


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