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2020-No.4 Survey Results and Starting a Support Fund

Posted : 2020/06/03 Press release

The Association for Corporate Support of the Arts (5-3-2 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Motoki Ozaki), in cooperation with the NLI Research Institute, conducted a “Survey Regarding the Effects of Covid-19 on Corporate Mécénat Activities” amongst our member companies and organizations.

Since beginning in January of this year, the spread of COVID-19 has dramatically impacted economic and cultural activities all around the world. Japan’s cultural and artistic fields have also been deeply affected, with numerous cancellations and postponements of cultural projects and closures of cultural facilities. Artistic groups and cultural facilities, as well as artists and people working in cultural industries, have also suffered tremendously. From the results of our survey, we can see that corporate mécénat activities have also experienced significant effects.

The Association for Corporate Support of the Arts is starting to provide support for arts and culture based on these survey results. We will now be treating the COVID-19 situation as an additional disaster eligible for support from our GBFund, a fund for supporting disaster recovery with art and culture, founded following the Great East Japan Earthquake. In order to continue artistic and cultural activities and to further revitalize them after the virus has been overcome, we are asking for donations and providing aid to artistic and cultural activities.


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