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2022-No.8 Japan Mécénat Awards 2022: Six Activities Awarded, TOPPAN Inc. Receives Grand Award for Its Kanosei Art Project

Posted : 2023/02/17 Press release

The Association for Corporate Support of the Arts (5-3-2 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Motoki Ozaki) decided to award the Japan Mécénat Awards 2022 to six activities (one Grand Mécénat Award and five Awards for Excellence). The “Mécénat Awards” are to publicly honor particularly outstanding corporate activities from the perspective of the creation of society through arts and culture.

TOPPAN Inc., the recipient of the Grand Award, utilizes its unique technology to create added value for the works of artists with disabilities and has established a scheme to combine support for the independence of people with disabilities and business activities, leading to human resource development for employees. These points were recognized for the award. The Awards for Excellence were given to the following activities: an initiative that contributes to the revitalization of a factory district through the storage and exhibition of large-scale artworks; an activity that challenges the possibilities of new art experiences by fusing the digital and the real; an initiative that offers children around the world an opportunity to think about social issues through art; a gallery that disseminates the value of architectural culture by planning exhibitions with foresight and originality; and a musical activity in which local communities work together in the hope of a sound future for children.


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