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2023. No.3 In anticipation of the post-COVID era, the number of mécénat activities has increased

Posted : 2023/03/31 Press release

The results for the 2022 Survey of Mécénat Activities conducted annually by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts (5-3-2 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masumi Natusaka) for companies and corporate foundations throughout the country have been finalized.

The 2022 Survey received responses from 517 companies and 187 corporate foundations. The number of Mécénat activities totaled 1,379 for companies, and 593 for foundations (+113 for companies and -3 for foundations compared to the previous year). Total costs for Mécénat activities amounted to ¥18,340,840,000 for companies (254 respondents, average ¥72.21million per company) and ¥48,041,960,000 for foundations (166 respondents, average ¥289.41 million per foundation).


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