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[Report] Australia Research Report for 2016 (Melbourne)

Posted : 2017/05/31 Topics

Purpose of Research

Since 2014, Association for Corporate Support of the Arts (KMK: Kigyo Mecenat Kyogikai) has been conducting researches of the support in arts and culture by private sectors in overseas, in order to understand variety of concepts and frameworks of private support of the arts and culture that exist in different countries. This research visit and hearing with both public and private sectors who are engaged in arts and cultural support in each country, give us new insights of different trends, policies and strategies that may not be familiar in Japan, which would greatly help Japanese corporate support of the arts and culture in the future.

With the cooperation of Mr. Carrillo Gantner (Chairman of Sydney Myer Fund), who appeared as a guest speaker at ‘Art, Culture, and Creative Society ? The Role of Corporations, and ASEAN Network- Tokyo Conference’ (27 May 2016 at Bellesalle Tokyo Nihombashi, Japan) organized by KMK, this year’s research visit to Melbourne (Australia) brought many interesting cases that are rooted deeply in Australian government policy, philanthropy and corporate sponsorship.


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