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[Mécénat Writer Report] Sachibaru no Niwa Co., Ltd.: Pursuing business and mecenat activities through the new Sachibaru Ya-dui installation artwork produced by creating nature

Posted : 2024/03/22 Topics


Nobuyoshi Inafuku, President of Sachibaru no Niwa Co., Ltd.


Many visitors to Okinawa will no doubt be familiar with a café called Hamabe no Chaya (literally, “Beachside Café”). Run by Sachibaru no Niwa Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sachibaru no Niwa), this café has become a landmark among cafés with ocean views and spectacular scenery in Okinawa. Celebrating its 28th anniversary in December 2022, Hamabe no Chaya has enjoyed such long-lasting popularity that even today it is always part of the conversation when speaking of cafés in Okinawa.

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