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2023-No.8 Japan Mécénat Awards 2023: Six Activities Awarded, SEGA SAMMY ARTS FOUNDATION Receives Grand Award for Its Dance Base Yokohama

Posted : 2023/12/08 Press release

The Association for Corporate Support of the Arts (5-3-2 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Masumi Natsusaka) decided to award the Japan Mécénat Awards 2023 to six activities (one Grand Mécénat Award and five Awards for Excellence). The “Mécénat Awards” are to publicly honor particularly outstanding corporate activities from the perspective of the creation of society through arts and culture.

Sega Sammy Arts Foundation was awarded the Grand Award for providing artists with a place to create their works, planning experimental programs, creating interaction among a diverse range of people as a dance house that is open to society, and taking on the challenge of developing and reforming dance culture. Awards for Excellence were also awarded to the following recipients: an initiative that provides opportunities to learn and experience cutting-edge technology; an initiative that connects young artists with the elderly through art; an initiative that aims to preserve and disseminate local traditional techniques and nurture successors; a project that addresses social issues and communicates regional charm in cooperation with local governments and universities; and a wall art project that depicts wishes for the year 2045 based on the theme of “Reconstruction and the Future”.


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