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2023-No.8 Japan Mécénat Awards 2023: Six Activities Awarded, SEGA SAMMY ARTS FOUNDATION Receives Grand Award for Its Dance Base Yokohama


2023. No.3 In anticipation of the post-COVID era, the number of mécénat activities has increased


2022-No.8 Japan Mécénat Awards 2022: Six Activities Awarded, TOPPAN Inc. Receives Grand Award for Its Kanosei Art Project


2022. No.4 Though the total number of mécénat activities has decreased due to COVID-19, they continue through a variety of ingenuous ideas


2021. No.2 A focus on communities and creation of corporate value More than 80% affected by COVID-19


2020. No.4 Survey Results and Starting a Support Fund


2020. No.3 Mécénat in relation to company business, creation of corporate value and regional focus


2019. No.4 Emphasizing Social Impact in Contributing to Achievement of SDGs


2018. No.3 Placing Importance on Value in Corporate Activities and Awareness Towards Contributions to SDGs


2017. No.3 Growing Awareness of Business and Arts Relationship – Results ‘Survey for Actual Condition of Corporate Mecenat Questionnaire’ – Fiscal Year 2016

pressrelease_Survey for Corporate Mecenat Japan_2016

2017. No.2 The Great East Japan Earthquake Restoration Fund [GBFund] Becomes ‘Disaster Recovery Support Fund’ supporting nationwide

pressrelease_Disaster Recovery Support Fund through Arts and Culture [GBFund]

2017. No.1 Corporate Support of the Arts in Indonesia and Malaysia Tokyo Forum Corporate Philosophy in Promoting the Support of Arts and Culture -Future Business and Arts Partnership for Indonesian and Malaysian Corporations –


2016. No.4 Announcement of the 14th GBFund selection result and 1st GB Fund Kumamoto and Oita selection result

pressrelease_Announcement of the 14th GBFund selection result _2016

2016. No.3 The result of the Survey for Corporate Mecenat Japan 2015

pressrelease_Survey for Corporate Mecenat Japan_2015

2016. No.2 Invitation: NEW ECONOMIC GROWTH THROUGH ARTS – The Role of Corporations, and ASEAN Network- Kuala Lumpur Conference

Invitation: NEW ECONOMIC GROWTH THROUGH ARTS – The Role of Corporations, and ASEAN Network- Kuala Lumpur Conference

pressrelease_Invitation (Kuala Lumpur Conference)

2016. No.1 New Development of Corporate Mecenat -Goal of Creative Archipelago-

pressrelease_Creative Archipelago

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