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[Mécénat Writer Report] Yuki Engineering Co., Ltd.: “Mécénat Activities”: Going beyond receiving the Mécénat Award

Posted : 2023/12/27 Topics


At Yuki Engineering’s Kozainomori tatami room: (left) Kazuki Arita, Corporate Planning Department/ (right) Naoki Makita, Representative Director and President


12 years have passed since Yuki Engineering Co., Ltd. from Fukuoka Prefecture received the Demolition and Rebirth Award at the Japan Mécénat Awards 2011. The company, which specializes in demolition, restored a townhouse built in the Meiji era. It is currently preserved and utilized as a café-restaurant and event space named Kozainomori. In this report, I would like to talk about the impact that the Mécénat Award for Kozainomori had on Yuki Engineering’s business, as well as the company’s initiatives since receiving the award.

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