Vol. 13 レポート 東京企業視察① ~三菱地所株式会社~

Vol.13 レポート 東京企業視察① ~三菱地所株式会社~
Report: Tokyo Corporate Meeting① – MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD. –

東京駅をバックに三菱地所の中村可奈子氏(環境・CSR推進部 CSRユニット、1番左)、菊川嘉彦氏(環境・CSR推進部長、2番目)、佐伯あずさ氏(ソリューション業務企画部、右から5番目)、糸多弘子氏(環境・CSR推進部 CSRユニットリーダー,右から4番目)、長井頼寛氏(環境・CSR推進部 CSRユニット,右から3番目)と共に。
Tokyo Station at the back with Mitsubishi’s Ms. Nakamura, Mr. Kikukawa, Ms. Saeki, Ms. Itoda, and Mr. Nagai.

After the ACEAN Café on 7th February, we held a tour with the guest participants to visit the Company Mecenat in Tokyo.

ブライアン・ジョンソン・ロウエ|マイ・パフォーミング・アーツ・エージェンシー 創設者・ディレクター
コリン・ゴー|ライスカンパニー CEO/ミレット・ホールディングス 専務理事
ジャニン・コリンズ|J9 コンサルティング・プリンシパル


Established in 1937, Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. has a long history of excellence as a comprehensive real estate company. As a group, our basic mission is to “contribute to society through urban development.” Our activities are wide ranging and include the development, leasing, and management of office buildings and commercial properties, typified by the cluster of buildings in Tokyo’s Marunouchi district, the development of real estate for investment purposes, the development and sale of residential properties, design supervision, real estate brokerage services, and international businesses.
(Extract from official website.)

Mitsubishi Estate: Mitsubishi Estate is engaged in building development throughout Japan and is expanding worldwide – London, New York, Shanghai and Singapore. Through our building development business, Mitsubishi focuses on global exchanges, connecting communities, and to be the foundation of culture, arts and economic development. We are building a private social network through our business for urban development.

三菱地所本社にて(後ろは皇居)| At Mitsubishi Estate Headquarter (The Imperial Palace at the back)

The beginning of Mitsubishi Estate is about 100 years ago. 400 years ago in the Edo period, Marunouchi flourished as a cultural hub, and streets were formed to protect the Edo castle (current Imperial Palace) with residences around that. During the Meiji period, the government sold the land of Marunouchi to private sectors to develop and encourage urbanization. But the price of the land was 5 times expensive. Only Mitsubishi purchased all. In 1894, Mitsubishi Ichigokan was built as our office.

As our social contribution activities, Mitsubishi Estate transformed the Mitsubishi Ichigokan office built in 1894 into a museum in 2010. Also we have started Marunouchi Naka-Dori Street Gallery since 1972, exhibiting statues on the street.

丸の内仲通りにある彫刻 | Sculptures at Marunouchi Naka-Dori Street

From 2005, we hosted 3 concerts and art awards to support the artists. It is to make young artists be known as well as to transform Marunouchi be more attractive where people gather. As our internal activities, we have Bon Dance Festival, started in 2005, which everyone can wear yukata and join.

For our support activities for arts, we have received two Mecenat Awards. The first one is ‘Kira Kira Art Project’. It is a collaborative project to support children with disabilities. It is an open call for children under 18 years old with disabilities, and we select about 50 works out of 1500 applications. About 500 employees of Mitsubishi as well as our CEO joined for the selection. Selected 50 works are exhibited in various places. Everyone can come to see the works, and a lot of family and children visited. This competition is a collaboration project with an organization, which supports disabled people to build an ability to earn a living with their artistic talents. Thanks to this competition, 22 people are now active in this organization.

「キラキラっとアートコンクール」の説明を受けるゲスト|Guests learning about Mitsubishi’s ‘Kira Kira Art Project’

昨年メセナアワード大賞を受賞した「Shall We コンサート」は、音楽にふれる機会が少ない子ども達に音楽を届ける活動です。5~6の学校を選びプロのアーティストが演奏します。クラシックの他、映画音楽など様々なジャンルのものを演奏します。コンサートを通じて音楽の楽しさや魅力に触れる機会を創出しています。
Another project, which we received last year’s Mecenat Award, is an activity supporting underprivileged children with music. Professional artists play at 5-6 chosen schools. From classic to movie themes, they play a variety of genres. We are creating opportunity for children to get in touch with the joy and fascination of music through these concerts.

Bruce: Congratulations. My question is how your company leverage the social value that is created through your social contribution activities. What is the connection between marketing of your brand and social contribution activities?

Mitsubishi Estate: In addition to the hardware meaning to build a building as a town development company, we take into consideration the city and the environment, and also incorporate the important software parts for artistic town development. We are hoping that various people gather and enjoy it, so the project itself is part of social contribution. Therefore, we treat it as part of town planning without dividing.

丸の内にある三菱地所本社でのミーティング |Meeting at the headquater of Mitsubishi Estate Co.,LTD. in Marunouchi

Bruce: It is powerful in own right, to demonstrate your commitment. It would be easy to separate that and use it as just marketing tool. But your connective nature is very wonderful model.

Marco: Why did you focus on children with disadvantage? And what does ‘kira kira’ mean?

三菱地所:社会貢献活動の中で、当社は社会福祉という分野に焦点をあてているということがまず1つあげられます。それから、この事業をしているパートナー団体は障がい者支援を専門としていますが、子どもへの支援があまりできていないという課題を抱えていました。大人への支援はある程度できていたのですが、子どもはなかなか難しいということでした。当初、この団体はわたしたちの建物を展覧会などで使用しており、私たちは会場を提供していただけなのですが、お互い何かステップアップをしたいと考え、もっとコミットしたパートナーシップを組み、このコンクールを開催することにしたのです。「キラキラ」とは”twinkle twinkle”という意味で、障がいのある子どもたちの才能を輝かせる、という意味がこめられています。
Mitsubishi Estate: While doing social contribution, it is one thing that we focus on the field of social welfare first. The partner organizations doing this project specialize in assisting people with disabilities, but they had a problem of not being able to support children well. Support for adults was able to be done to a certain extent, but children were hard to say. Originally, this group used our building as an exhibition etc. We were renting the venue, but we wanted to take a step further with each other and decided to make a community partnership and organize a competition. “Kira kira” means twinkle twinkle, in the hope to shine the talent of children with disabilities.

Janine: You must receive many applications for support, how do you select projects or organization to support?

Mitsubishi Estate: There are no fixed rules. However, basically we will look for continuity. We’d like to work as a partner for a long time and we are selecting from these factors, which groups can have similar ideals and people who can come and enjoy the city.

Brian: What is your plan for the future? Any plan of your CSR development for the future?

Mitsubishi Estate: In terms of social contribution activities, but I think that continuity is important as well. However, rather than just completing a one-time program or terminating the partnership simply after payment, we’d like to develop new ideas through continuous partner relationship with the hope of better evolvement of those ideas. In that way we can expect growth in ourselves too.

本社での意見交換後、三菱一号館美術館を視察。写真は建物の歴史について美術館室の鬼柳様より説明を受けている様子。 | Visited Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum after the meeting at the head office. Photo taken while listening to Mr. Kiyanaji explain about the history of the building.

Janine: It is about investing.

Thank you very much for today!

Meeting held on 8 February 2018

Censure:Kigyo Mecenat Kyogikai